Privacy Policy describes how MISA collects, stores, processes and discloses information collected from customer when customer registers and/or uses MISA MoneyKeeper Software.
This privacy policy applies to the website / and products/services provided by MISA to customers on MISA MoneyKeeper software.
When customer uses MISA MoneyKeeper software, customer should read this Privacy Policy together with License Agreement to clearly understand about the agreements between customer and MISA.
Privacy Policy includes the following terms:

Article 1: Collect and use personal information

1.1 Personal information is information that contributes to the identity of a specific individual including name, age, private address, phone number, medical information, account number, information on payment transactions and other information that customers wish to keep confidential.
1.2 MISA will collect personal information from Customers only if Customers voluntarily send such information to MISA. Customers may refuse to provide their personal information except that it may prevent Customers from participating in some activities related to the use of MISA MoneyKeeper Software.
1.3 MISA collects Customer’s personal information when:
  • Customers create an account to use MISA MoneyKeeper, download software updates, participate in online surveys.
  • Customers using MISA support services. Customers can provide more necessary information for MISA so that MISA can support, check and help customers solve problems they are facing when using MISA MoneyKeeper software.
1.4 MISA uses Customer’s personal information to:
  • Perform and support under MoneyKeeper License Agreement such as: Notification of new products/services of MISA MoneyKeeper, changes to the provision of MISA MoneyKeeper software, software updates, and support.
  • Send all notifications to Customers including but not limited to purchase, changes to terms of use and policy. Such information is to ensure customer’s interaction with MISA, so customer cannot refuse to receive it.
  • Send marketing information including event invitations; Special promotions.
  • For internal purposes such as auditing, data analysis, network security and information technology, research to improve technology, products, services, and customer experience.
1.5 Mobile Application
  • When downloading and using applications on mobile devices such as Tablets, Phones, etc., customers need to provide the following rights:
    • View network/wifi connection status.
    • Access the internet from the device.
    • Receive notifications from the app.
    • Access to contacts.
    • Access to the fingerprint sensor.
    • Take a photo, save the image to the device memory.
    • Write application data to memory.
  • You can completely stop granting these permissions through reinstallation on the device. However, MISA MoneyKeeper recommends that customers provide the required application permissions.

Article 2: Collect and use non-personal information

2.1 Non-personal information is information or data that is not directly linked to any particular person for example career, language, postal code, device identification, location and time zone, device type, or frequency of using the software.
2.2 MISA may collect, use, transfer and disclose non-personal information for any purpose.
2.3 MISA collects Customer’s non-personal information when:
  • Customer creates an account using MISA MoneyKeeper, downloads software updates, or joins online surveys.
  • Customer uses MISA support services, some phone calls will be recorded for the purpose of support quality control. These records are maintained in a safe environment and periodically destroyed in accordance with the policies and regulations of MISA.
2.4 How MISA uses Customer’s non-personal information:
  • MISA uses information such as occupation, language, area code, device identifier, location and time zone, type of device so that MISA can better understand customers’ behavior to improve our products and services.
  • MISA uses information related to Customers’ activities/frequency of using MISA MoneyKeeper software so MISA can understand which product/service features are most or least interested and improve the quality, bring the best experience to customers.
2.5 If MISA combines non-personal information with personal information, combined information will be treated as personal information.

Article 3: Agreement to these terms

3.1 When customer contacts MISA or registers to receive information about MISA services or provides personal information for marketing purposes (including event registration, software downloads), customer agrees to receive contact information from MISA by phone (text, phone call), email to respond to Customer’s request.
3.2 When customer registers a service and has confirmed to Agree with MoneyKeeper License Agreement, it means that customer agrees to the terms described in this Privacy Policy.
3.3 When customer continues to use MISA MoneyKeeper Software, it means that customer agrees to the terms described in this Privacy Policy.

Article 4: Refuse to receive information

4.1 If customer does not use MISA’s products/services and wants to stop receiving information from MISA, customer can send an email to and request MISA to stop sending information.
4.2 If customer is using MISA products/services and does not want to receive marketing information including event invitations, special promotions, please refuse to receive information by sending an email to and request MISA to stop sending information.

Article 5: Cookies and other technologies

5.1 Website, online services, interactive applications, email notifications and advertisements can use cookies and other technologies such as pixel tags, Web bacon,…. These technologies help MISA to better understand Customers’ behavior, know which parts of the website customer has visited, and at the same time measure the effectiveness of advertising and web searches. MISA considers the information collected by cookies and other technologies to be non-personal information. However, to the extent that IP addresses or similar identifiers are considered personal information according to the law, MISA also considers these identifiers as personal information.
5.2 When performing advertising services, MISA uses cookies and other technologies to control the number of times customer sees a certain ad, selectively advertise related to customers’ interests and measure the effectiveness of the advertising campaigns.
5.3 MISA also uses cookies and other technologies to remember personal information when customer uses the website, online services and applications of MISA. MISA’s goal in these cases is to facilitate customers. For example: Knowing customer’s name or other identifiers will allow MISA to welcome them properly in their next login. Or knowing customer’s country and language helps MISA provide a customized experience for customer’s language.
5.4 If customer wants to turn off cookies, please go to Preferences on the website and turn it off. For mobile devices, go to Settings, then choose web browser, and turn off Cookies. If customer does not know how to turn off cookies, please find out and contact the web browser developer to learn how to disable. Please note that certain features of the MISA website, app or service may not be available if cookies are disabled.
5.5 Like most other websites, MISA automatically collects some non-personal information and stores it in access logs. This information includes IP address, browser language, Internet service provider (ISP), referring page, operating system, time, and so on. MISA uses this information to understand and analyze trends and services, learn about Customer’s behavior on the website, collect information to analyze Customer habits. MISA may use this information in marketing and advertising services and in communicating with Customers. The pixel tag allows MISA to send emails in a format that customer can read and to know whether the message has been opened. MISA may use this information to reduce or eliminate useless messages sent to Customers.

Article 6: Store, protect and provide information

6.1 MISA implements information protection measures according to ISO 27000 (Information Security Management System Standard), CSA Star (Information Security Certificate for Cloud Services) and GPDR (General Data Protection Regulations of EU) has been certified by competent organizations, including administrative and technical measures to protect Customer’s personal information from being stolen, destroyed, or leaked, misuse, illegal disclosure or alteration.
6.2 MISA may provide some personal and/or non-personal information to partners to provide or assist with products, improve Customer experience. For example: When customer purchases and activates products/services integrated on MISA MoneyKeeper software such as payment services, Customer allows MISA and MISA’s partners to exchange information with customer in activation process to perform the service. If customer accepts the service, customer’s account will be governed by MISA and its partner under the MoneyKeeper License Agreement and Privacy Policy. Personal information will only be shared by MISA to provide or improve products, services and advertising and communications; It will not be shared with third parties for marketing purposes.
6.3. MISA may provide Customer’s personal and/or non-personal information to competent State agencies upon request.

Article 7: Customer’s rights to personal information

7.1 MISA allows Customer to edit or delete their personal data. Customer has the following rights regarding their personal information that MISA collects:
  • Request to edit information;
  • Request to delete information;
7.2 Upon receiving customer’s request, MISA will process the request as soon as possible.

Article 8: Personal information related to children

MISA does not knowingly collect personal information from people under the age of 16. If MISA knows that MISA has collected personal information of people under the age of 16, MISA will take steps to delete information as soon as possible. MISA’s marketing, sales and service do not target at people under the age of 16.

Article 9: Third-party websites and services

MISA websites, products, applications and services may contain links to websites, products and services or use products or services from third parties. Information collected by third parties, which may include location data or contact details, is governed by the third party’s Privacy Policy. MISA recommends customer learn about the Privacy Policy of those third parties before registering to use the third-party products/services.

Article 10: Other agreements

10.1 In cases where there is a need to comply with laws, legal processes, lawsuits or requests from authorities, governments inside and outside of the country of customer to disclose personal information, MISA may disclose such information if MISA determines that disclosure is necessary and appropriate under law. MISA may also disclose information about a Customer if MISA determines that disclosure is necessary and reasonable to enforce the terms or to protect customer’s operations. In addition, in the event of a reorganization, merger or sale, MISA may transfer all personal information MISA collected to relevant third parties.
10.2 MISA can update our Privacy Policy at our discretion or in accordance with law. When MISA changes its policy, MISA will announce it on MISA’s website together with updated Privacy Policy.
10.3 If Customer has any questions about MISA’s Privacy Policy or information about Customer’s personal data, please contact MISA at