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6 forms for effective financial investment

If you want to be rich, just saving is not enough. Most importantly, you must know how to manage your money. And instead of leaving it still in place, try to multiply it many times. To increase your income, you must learn how to invest. It is not uncommon for an individual to participate in investment activities in parallel with full-time work, especially for today’s young generation – those born in a new era, exposed to the public Technology 4.0 and have extremely quick thinking.

But do you understand investment and effective investment channels? MISA MoneyKeeper will help you solve this investment problem.

6 effective financial investment channels

With the current information technology era, there are many effective financial investment channels that you can easily learn and participate. The most popular forms of financial investment today include:


  • Gold investment

This is the earliest form of investment. This form is suitable for investors who have capital, but are afraid of risks and cannot find suitable investment channels. To invest gold is quite simple and does not take much effort, you can spend an arbitrary amount of capital according to your capabilities and needs, buy, wait for prices to rise and sell. In essence, the form of investment to buy gold is quite safe, because gold has its own intrinsic value. With so many practical applications and finite quantities that make gold always worth. The advantage of gold investment is that the capital is small. Time invested comfortably but still effective.

However, the current gold investment is not really an effective financial investment anymore, it is simply a form of storage of assets. So, if you are interested in this form, consider the timing factor to make your decision.


  • Bank savings deposit

Many people first think of having an idle amount of money. This form of financial investment is selected by everyone for its safety. You enjoy regular interest without fear of loss or loss. However, the profitability is not high. Only 4-8% / year. Besides, the inflation rate, the currency devaluation as today, the interest you will receive less and less. You also will not receive interest if withdrawn before maturity. Even the most important factor is SAFETY today has become not so attractive anymore. Partly because the information that many customers suddenly lose money in their accounts, partly because the increasing demand for life makes the psychology to accept a bit of a risk to invest in people’s money higher.


  • Real estate investment

Real estate investment has always been an attractive form of financial investment and attracted the attention of many people. This is a field that has existed for a long time and many people have become rich thanks to it. However, it is not a gold mine so anyone can jump into it.

There are 2 main issues to keep in mind:

First: What type of real estate do you want to invest in?

You should determine the field you want to invest is, because real estate has many different types from land plots, houses, apartments or offices for rent … Regardless, real estate is the form or being inflated, especially in a “fever” project. Therefore, please research thoroughly or consult with experienced people, before investing in real estate.

Second: What is your financial capacity?

Real estate investment often requires a certain amount of capital. Therefore, you need to carefully calculate your financial capacity before deciding to invest.

regardless of needing to know more information such as investment location, construction unit, project quality … Therefore the bigger the investment – the more the profits – the higher the risk. These issues need to be anticipated before participating in the project.

Therefore, be equipped with knowledge, consult experts, have appropriate investment strategies, consider the development potential of each project you want to participate in.


  • Securities investment

Compared to the above investment channels, securities investment brings higher returns for investors. Securities investment is the “indirect” investment in your business through buying securities. This is a flexible financial investment channel, without much capital. Of course, not every investment in stocks is profitable. Remember, stock investing is investing in businesses. Therefore, if you invest in weak businesses and make a loss, sooner or later you will return to empty hands.

Stocks and bonds are the two most popular securities today. Securities can be certificates, book entries or electronic data. The advantage of this form of financial investment is that you do not need a large amount of capital to participate, the market has good liquidity and you are likely to earn high profits in a short time.

To invest successfully, you need to cultivate knowledge of the investment market, acumen and a little luck. When you do not have the ability and confidence to invest on the stock market yourself, you can find a good, experienced broker to receive support, guidance and advice from the market. surname.


  • Forex investment

An attractive market for investors is the stock market, which is the forex market. Forex trading, or forex, is your participation in buying and selling different currency pairs on the market. If you do not know, the Forex market is the largest financial investment market in the world with a daily trading volume of over 5000 billion USD. As a result, the forex market has extremely high and easy liquidity. bring “huge profits” for investors. Only with a capital of about 100-200 USD you can invest.

The advantage of the Forex market is that you can invest with any capital (only from a few tens of $) at any time of the day (the Forex market runs 24/5) and anywhere as long as You have a computer or smartphone connected to the internet.

However, high profits come with big risks. To invest in forex, you need to have a certain knowledge and the necessary experience to “survive” in the market.


  • Invest in investment funds

If you are a person who does not have a deep knowledge of finance, the stock market, does not have time to monitor and follow the market but still wants to find a safe and convenient long-term investment channel, there is a Other forms are right for you. It is an investment in an Investment Fund.

Investment fund is formed by capital contribution of investors, with the purpose of investing in stocks, bonds, or other assets. These assets will be managed by professionals with years of experience in the financial sector. This can be considered as an “indirect” form of investment in the stock market.

When participating in financial investment funds, you need to pay close attention to the fund’s safety and investment efficiency, the way it operates and possibly the portfolio that the fund is managing. physical.

Currently, there are many different types of fund classification, the most common is the type of fund classification with obligations to investors. Specifically, there are 2 types as follows:

Open-end fund: The Fund is responsible for redeeming fund certificates of investors at any time. The investment capital of the fund is not fixed.

Closed investment fund: No responsibility to redeem fund certificates of investors. Liquidity for investors is not high, but the fund has a stable capital to carry out long-term investment plans.


Each form has different advantages and disadvantages. Depending on the investment taste and level of risk – profit, you need to consider choosing between forms.